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How Do You Cook Parsnips? Recipes and Cooking Tips

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How Do You Cook Parsnips? Recipes and Cooking Tips

Tell someone you are cooking parsnips and watch the confused expression on their face. They may ask: how do you cook parsnips?

That's when you tell them this cream-coloured root vegetable is versatile, delicious and a hidden gem of fall cuisine.

Available from September to December, parsnips are a great addition to soups, soufflés, veggie burgers and more.


Treat parsnips the same way you would carrots. The only difference here would be that parsnips should always be peeled.

Parsnips may be enjoyed raw – perhaps julienned and tossed into a salad – but also roasted, boiled and mashed.


Soups are one of the most popular uses for parsnips. Perhaps its due to their velvety texture and subtle flavour, which can be enhanced with various spices and aromatics.

If you want to try a parsnip soup we recommend this one: 

Soufflés are a must during parsnip season. Try this elegant recipe from Martha Stewart, which also uses carrots and allspice.

Parsnips are also great substitutes for potatoes. Enjoy them boiled and mashed into a creamy puree or cut into thick slices and fried until golden. 


Do you know what else you can cook with parsnips? Veggie burgers!

This delectable tofu burger is topped with julienned parsnips, carrots and other veggies then drizzled with a peanut sauce.

Parsnips are also a great addition to gluten–free fritters. Try this recipe featuring oats, lentils and sesame seeds.

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