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How Blenders Really Work (Videos)

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How Blenders Really Work (Videos)
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When it comes to blenders, it's easy to think we've got it all figured out. The blades do all the work, right? Not exactly.

It turns out blades are just the beginning of it all. Hidden forces other than cutting are responsible for the majority of the work. How is this so?

That's where the genius of the team at Chefsteps comes in. Once again, they brilliantly explain the science behind this common kitchen utensil in the two videos below.

The first video explains the importance of impact and how blades work while the second focuses on a ''cavitation'' - small bubbles formed by the rotation of the blades.

Watch below as the team at Chefsteps uses a Waring Xtreme blender to demonstate how it all comes togeher.

WATCH: How Blenders Really Work, Part 1

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