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How The Adria's Liquid Olives Are Made

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How The Adria's Liquid Olives Are Made

They may look exactly like an olive on a spoon but pop one in your mouth and you instantly realise that what you’re tasting is some sort of culinary deception.

The liquid olives served at Albert and Ferran Adria’s Tickets Bar in Barcelona are an expression left over from the height of molecular gastronomy. Coming from a time, around 2003, when Ferran at elBulli was wowing guests by taking ingredients, mixing them with things like calcium chloride and xanthem gum and placing them into a bowl of water with alginate, forming creations like liquid pea ravioli and his famous melon caviar.

The technique for liquid olives is actually known as Reverse Spherification and Adria at elBulli is widely accepted as the pioneer who brought it from the food industry into the world of gastronomy.

However complicated the process may sound, there’s a strange hypnotic beauty in watching one of the Ticket’s team whipping up a fresh batch of liquid olives.

Take a look for yourself - the clip is taken from a new documentary called Constructing Albert.

TICKETS LIQUID OLIVES from Constructing Albert on Vimeo.

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