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5 Great Honey Dessert Recipes

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5 Great Honey Dessert Recipes

If you thought honey was just good for drizzling onto toast, think again. There's over 300 varieties of honey in the USA alone. That leaves us with a lot of choice when it comes to determining our favourite floral notes or honey consistency. As a natual sweetener honey lends itself perfectly to many honey dessert recipes.

Try using different types of honey in these recipes depending on the required results. For example, with honey and greek yoghurt, you might want to use a superior honey to appreciate the complexity of flavours. Used in baking, like cookies, honey can add another dimension of crunch or complexity along with a natural sweetness.

Yesterday we bought you Greek dinner recipes, these honey dessert recipes are the bees knees to finish!

Greek Baklava with Honey and Pistachios

This rich Greek dessert is easier to make than it looks. Layers of filo pastry and chopped nuts are held together with a liberal amounts of honey resulting in a deliciously sweet and sticky combination.

Fig and Orange Honey Cake

Fresh figs and a zesty orange sponge finished off with a brushing of honey and orange  juice. A summer treat.

Greek Yoghurt with Honey

The simplest of desserts, just three ingredients, honey, pistachios and Greek yoghurt, perfect for when you're short on ideas or fancy something simple and sweet.

Figs, honey and goat milk ice cream

A cheffy dish from Slovenian chef Ana Ros, figs, goat milk ice cream and pastry make this a sure winner.

Honey, Brown Sugar and Pecan Nut Cookies

Ths simplest of cookie recipes, only using five ingredients and can all be made in one bowl.

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