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5 Wonderful Homemade Waffle Recipes

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5 Wonderful Homemade Waffle Recipes
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Nothing says breakfast time quite like homemade waffles.

If you've got a waffle maker or iron waffles are a simple and delicious solution. Tt's simply a case of whipping up some batter, meaning you can be from bed to baking waffles in under half an hour.

Your friends and family will love you for it and everyone is free to personalise their waffle with their favourite topping whether it's lashings of maple syrup or a simple fried egg.

Here is our selection of homemade waffle recipes from savoury chorizo to eggless and the classic Belgium waffle that'll make you want to jump put of bed in the morning.

So fire up your waffle iron, it's breakfast time!

Chorizo Waffles

Looking for a savoury inspired brunch? Try this waffle with a chorizo twist topped off with a fried egg sunny side up. 

Waffle Recipe

The classic American waffle recipe can be whipped up in just 15 minutes, making a waffle breakfast and lashings of maple syrup a family favourite.

Chocolate Chip Waffle

Cookie lovers can get the best of both world with these chocolate chip waffles crossed with a cookie and heaps of chocolate chips.

Eggless Waffle

If you're all out of eggs and craving some breakfast waffles, don't despair, there are plenty of egg free waffle recipes to be found. Take your pick from spicy gingerbread waffles to healthy vegan, quinoa and oat waffles.

Belgium Waffle Recipe

Try an authentic 'Liege' belgium waffle and there's no turning back. Dense, sweet and chewy, these are waffles at their finest.


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