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3 Very Different Pesto Recipes

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3 Very Different Pesto Recipes
Photo Sonja Pieper / Flickr

Pesto is a really handy sauce to have a jar of in the fridge. Even better if it's a homemade pesto sauce. Perfect for pasta, smothering on toast or pizzas, with zero cooking required.

Colour and texture really go a long way towards making the best pesto. Making your own homemade pesto is a chance to set it apart from shop bought pestos by using the freshest herbs or greens available and optimising the vibrant fresh colour.

If you're all out of basil, but have a good supply of other leafy greens, like garden herbs and kale give them a go. Otherwise there's always the chance to experiment with peas or broad beans. Likewise for the nut element. pine nuts are expensive and sometimes hard to come by so try using walnuts instead.

Whilst pesto can definitely be made in a food processor, over at Serious Eats they've been doing some indepth pesto experimenting. And the conclusion is, a pestle and mortar and a little elbow grease are definitely worth the results.

Here are threee homemade pesto sauce recipes to try using arugula, kale and the classic basil.

Arugula Pesto

Using arugula and walnuts, this is a refreshing change to traditional basil infused pesto.

Kale Pesto

This recipe converted Molly at the Wonderland Kitchen over to Kale, convincing her is not just a food fad.

Italian Pesto

The best know of italian sauces this classic recipe from Liguria calls for Grana Padano and Pecorino cheese and the finest virgin olive oil you can find.

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