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How To Make Jalebi: Enjoy a Crispy and Sweet Homemade Jalebi

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How To Make Jalebi: Enjoy a Crispy and Sweet Homemade Jalebi

When it comes to Indian desserts jalebi is at the top of my list. Crisp, warm and soaked in syrup, homemade jalebi is the stuff dreams are made of. Perhaps the best part of eating jalebi is that you need to use your hands. There is just no better way to enjoy its sticky sweetness.

If you're wandering how to make jalebi at home we have some essential tips that will make the process successful and yield delicious results.

What is jalebi Indian dessert?

Jalebi is a popular street food in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

It is a popular dessert prepared for special occasions like weddings, Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) and a spring festival known as Holi.

Advantages of Homemade Jalebi

While you might find it at your local Indian restaurant the best jalebi is the one that’s freshly made.

Also, keep in mind that many vendors use artificial food colouring to obtain jalebi’s bright orange color. By using saffron in your homemade jalebi you’ll naturally obtain that coveted golden hue. 

How to Make Jalebi: The Basics

image via CookingShooking

The basic jalebi batter is comprised of white flour, yogurt and water. It needs to ferment so it can transform its flavour and texture.

After frying the jalebi will be soaked in a saffron syrup where it will obtain that beautiful bright colour for its finishing touch.

How to Make Jalebi: What You’ll Need

Jalebi is a deep fried (part of what makes it so tasty) so you’ll need plenty of oil and a sturdy pot.

It is essential that you procure a squeeze bottle, as you’ll need to drip the batter into the hot oil. The idea is to make small swirls in the traditional spiral shape.

Also, you’ll need a slotted spoon to lift the hot jalebi from the oil.

Easy Homemade Jalebi Recipe

We scoured the web looking for an easy yet tasty homemade jalebi recipe. This one from Food NDTV fits the bill.

Quick tip: The recipe calls for kesar, which is the Hindi word for saffron.

Other Homemade Jalebi Recipes

Some Indian cooks favour using yeast in the batter while others prefer a blend of white and chickpea flours. With that in mind we wanted to offer you a variety of jalebi recipes to choose from.

This jalebi recipe from Look and Cook (ingredients pictured above) incorporates the use of ghee and lemon juice. The results look scrumptious.

YouTuber CookingShooking shows you his favourite way to make jalebi. He has experimented with a range of flours and ingredients and this is what he settled on:

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