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8 Homemade Elixirs To Soothe Your Soul

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8 Homemade Elixirs To Soothe Your Soul

Whenever you succumb to a cold or flu there is nothing you want more than a warm drink to soothe all your aches away. A cup of tea is great, but what is even better are homemade elixirs aimed at boosting immunity, refreshing the mind and giving your palate something delicious to savour.

What is an elixir?

In essence, an elixir is a beverage with a health benefit. It could be as simple as an herbal infusion or as elaborate as a blend of superfoods containing special spices aimed at curing whatever ails you.

Golden Milk and Matcha: Trendy Homemade Elixirs

Golden milk, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy, is the poster child for super lattes. The turmeric-based beverage provides anti-inflammatory and healing properties while the addition of peppercorns and milk (dairy or plant based) help the body absorb the nutrients.

Here is a great recipe you can make at home.

But turmeric is getting some hefty competition from matcha, a Japanese green tea high in antioxidants. Matcha is now present in everything from lattes to breakfast foods and pastries

A favourite of many is the matcha green tea latte ,which can be prepared with a variety of plant-based milks or conventional milk and trendy sweeteners like coconut sugar.

Here's an easy recipe featuring a refreshing blend of homemade almond milk, dates, coconut and the star of the show: matcha green tea powder.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: an Ancient Elixir

Raw apple cider vinegar is another elixir used for centuries thanks to its health benefits – including improving digestion, reducing candida, soothing a sore throat and even weight loss.

We've yet to see raw apple cider vinegar make the leap to the coffee counter, but it is perhaps just a matter of time. For now, a popular use is blending it with a bit of honey and water to drink first thing in the morning. Or you can add it to smoothies or homemade bone broth (which will help extract nutrients from the bones).

You can try this recipe for apple cider vinegar if you'd like to make it from scratch.

5-Ingredient Homemade Elixirs That Taste Great

Famed Canadian nutritionist and cookbook author Meghan Telpner rounded up her favourite elixirs in a colourful infographic.

Telpner uses superfoods like maca, turmeric, cacao and hemp seeds with different herbs, spices, natural sweeteners and healthy fats to produce healing drinks made with just five ingredients.

Take a look below and if you'd like to hang the infographic on the fridge you can download a copy here.


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