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Let them Eat Cake: 4 Easy Recipes for Homemade Cakes

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Let them Eat Cake: 4 Easy Recipes for Homemade Cakes
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Any excuse is a good excuse for baking cakes. What more complete way to enjoy an afternoon than with a generous looking homemade cake shared with family or friends. There’s something about cake that everyone loves, and if you can perfect the ultimate cake you’re sure to be loved for it.

If you’ve attempted cake making in the past and been put off by a dismal failure, take heart. Baking is a science and not an art. Don’t be tempted to guess quantities or muddle through. Accurate measurements are key to successful baking from the size of tin, oven temperature to correctly weighed ingredients. Once you have mastered the basics the rest is just practice.

We have selected some classic and simple homemade cake recipes including carrot, lemon, apricot and chocolate to keep you cake fans happy summer. Most of them use the all in one method leaving just one bowl to lick clean.

For a minimum effort and maximum results take a look at the mouth-watering recipes below and you'll soon be reaching for your apron and weighing scales.

Carrot Cake with Coconut

Using the all in one baking technique this cake couldn't be any simpler. Once baked, slicing the sponge and layering it up in three iced tiers results in a spectacular looking cake with height.

Lemon Sponge Cake

This is a yeast free lighter Italian version of a lemon cake using whipped egg whites to obtain an airy fluffy texture.

Apricot Cake

A quick and delicious way to use summer apricots in this simple recipe. This buttery cake is also a good choice for Sunday Brunch.

Chocolate and Hazlenut Cake

Traditionally from Piemonte in Northern Italy, the home of Nutella, this cake combines hazlenuts and chocolate in an effortlessly elegant and moist cake.

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