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3 Michelin Chefs on The Art of Plating

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3 Michelin Chefs on The Art of Plating

Plating, or at least good plating, can elevate a dish to whole new levels - it’s cliche to fall back on the idea that we eat with our eyes but it really is true.

We recently brought you a simple 5 point plan for better plating but since then we’ve discovered a wonderful set of videos from The Art of Plating.

Speaking with some of the world’s best chefs, they have produced a wonderful series of videos that explore chef’s concepts, ideas or styles set over wonderful shots of them plating their dishes.

The video below show Albert Adria, Daniel Burns and Rasmus Kofoed as they explain some of the ideas that sit behind their dishes.

It’s amazing to hear Adria speak about the importance of synergies when creating dishes and Burns, an American chef, display the knowledge he learned while working at Noma - a style that is evident in his plating. Kofoed discusses how much of his inspiration comes from the forrest while he plates some truly beautiful dishes.

Watch away - you’re sure to pick up on some styles, technique and ideas for your own plating.

Albert Adrià on Food Synergies

Beyond the Forest with Rasmus Kofoed

How One Chef Uses Mathematical Precision in the Kitchen

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