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A Historic Love of Spice

By FDL on

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A Historic Love of Spice

Anyone who enjoys eating spicy food will testify that the hit of heat can become quite addictive. Just look around the world at all the different spicy dishes and you get an idea of just how much we like that fiery feel on the tongue.

People throughout the ages have enjoyed eating spicy foods and this infographic from Chobani sets out to chart a history of spice.

Starting in 7.000bc and ending in 2016, the simple chart looks at some of the popular introductions of spicy foods in our diets interlaced with facts on just how high the demand for extra heat goes in different parts of the world.

We’ve also included a great video of Harold McGee breaking down exactly what happens when we eat spicy food and what gives us that kick on the tongue.

Watch the video and then take a look at the inforgraphic, and beware - you don’t want to end up like this guy who ate way too much spice.


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