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Heston Blumenthal's Ultimate Toastie

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Heston Blumenthal's Ultimate Toastie
Photo Screengrab/Youtube

When it comes to making the ultimate of anything, chef Heston Blumenthal is always a good bet.

Never one to hold back, in the clip below, we see the British chef making his ultimate ‘80s cheese and ham toastie, tossing in all sorts of amazing ingredients, including Iberico ham, suckling pig belly and black truffle.

He uses two types of cheese – a gruyere and a comté – and heats them to the point where they become super stringy, meaning amazing cheese pulls when you bite into the toastie.

And if you’re unfamiliar with a cheese toastie, it’s similar to a grilled cheese sandwich, but cooked in a toastie maker rather than a pan, and buttered on the inside rather than the outside.

Watch the video below.

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