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Heston Blumenthal To Open Restaurant in Heathrow

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Heston Blumenthal To Open Restaurant in Heathrow
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British chef Heston Blumenthal is set to open a casual restaurant in London's Heathrow Airport at Terminal Two next June, the London Evening Standard reports.

The yet-to-be-named restaurant will have 130 seats and will serve British favorites such as fish and chips, burgers and pizza, according to the Standard. The restaurant will also feature a ''multi-sensory'' bar and a deli with ''home grown produce and the first British made prosciutto-style ham.''

As a chef who always seeks perfection, Blumenthal is building the first wood-fired pizza oven at a British airport that gets hot enough to cook pizzas in a minute. This way diners can be in and out quickly without missing their flights.

In developing the burgers, Blumenthal took the extra step of researching the perfect bun. He consulted with Don Prince, an oral physiologist in Holland, to come up with the perfect size. 

"A burger is most comfortable to eat when you don’t need to open your mouth any more than the width of three fingers. The bun needs to give way so you can get all the layers in your mouth at the same time. The bun we will use is a cross between a white brioche and milk bread,” the chef said.

Blumenthal will join the ranks of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, two British celebrity chefs who already have restaurants at Heathrow's Terminal Five. 

The prices at Blumenthal's new restaurant will be in the same range as his competitors, according to the Standard. That means burger and fries can cost you an average of £13.95 (about $22.15).

Via London Evening Standard

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