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Heston Blumenthal's Fishy Easter Lamb

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Heston Blumenthal's Fishy Easter Lamb
Photo Waitrose TV

It's not every day you get one of the best chefs in the world to teach you how to cook an Easter dish. In the video below you'll watch British chef Heston Blumenthal cook lamb using an unconventional ingredient: anchovies.

Before you turn your nose at the recipe you should know that anchovies actually enhance the lamb's flavor, not giving it a fishy taste at all. According to Blumenthal, the anchovies melt into the meat leaving behind their salty goodness.

For the chef's special recipe, you'll have to sear a leg of lamb then make incisions into the meat with a pairing knife. Each cut gets stuffed with an anchovy, garlic clove and sprig of rosemary. The results are simply delicious! 

For this recipe, the chef paired with British supermarket chain Waitrose to explain how he prepares this tasty Easter lamb. For more recipes, check out our selection of Easter ideas.

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