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8 Iconic Dishes from Heston Blumenthal

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8 Iconic Dishes from Heston Blumenthal

Next time you find yourself in a pub tucking into delicious triple cooked chips, or come across an otherwise run of the mill chef dallying with crazily flavoured savoury ice cream, you have one person to thank: Heston Blumenthal.

The British chef, a commited modernist who is most readily associated with 'molecular cuisine,' though he hates the term, currently holds three Michelin stars at The Fat Duck in Bray, while Dinner by Heston in London, helmed by friend and protégé Ashley Palmer-Watts, currently holds two. 

Earlier this year, Blumenthal, a frequent face on British TV and famous the world over, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Here are some of his and Palmer Watts's most iconic dishes. 

Images: The Fat Duck/@dinnerbyhb/Instagram

Meat Fruit

Chicken liver and foiegras parfait, with mandarin jelly. Dinner by Heston

Snaill Porridge

Snail porridge and frogs legs at Dinner by Heston

Sound of the Sea

Mixed sashimi, sea vegetables and 'sand' at The Fat Duck

Savoury Ice Cream: Egg and Bacon 

Blumenthal is well known for creating a number of savoury ice cream pairings, egg and bacon ice cream is probably the most famous of these, but there have been many creations including the rich brown bread ice cream seen below. 

Brown bread ice cream at Dinner by Heston

Mock Turtle Soup

Calf's head consommé, root vegetables, truffle

Triple-Cooked Chips 

Botrytis Cinerea

Aka the noble rot, a dessert involving over 50 different stages of preparation

Savoury Ice Lollies

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