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Heston Blumenthal Makes Cheese Slices for Burgers

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Heston Blumenthal Makes Cheese Slices for Burgers
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

Heston Blumenthal is here again with some of his top cooking tips as he teaches people to make tasty cheese slice for burgers.

Heston actually focuses most of the video on how to make the cheese slices and uses his pre-made ultimate burger patties from Waitrose.

He does, however, offer up his quick technique for high heat cooking with a flip of the burger every 15 seconds to create what he describes as a ‘pulsing’ when cooking.

He then builds the burger but not before giving you his favourite burger sauce recipes, a surpassingly simple mix of mustard, tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

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    Appreciating technique!!! Yummy...delicious burger<3

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