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15 Healthy Options to Fend off that Mid Afternoon Snack Attack

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15 Healthy Options to Fend off that Mid Afternoon Snack Attack
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We’ve all experienced that mid afternoon sugar low when the evening meal seems a stretch too far to wait and you crave that instant sugar hit. Seeking immediate gratification we all too often head to the vending machine and dose ourselves up whatever sugary snack seduces our sugar pangs.

However, the key to living an energized life is in making better food choices. With a little preparation and preplanning, you can always exchange your potato chips for kale chips or dry-roasted peanuts for dry-roasted edamame and take control of your cravings with superfoods.

Did you know all it takes is five minutes to prepare a healthy hummus which could result in an afternoon of high productivity? If chickpeas don’t take your fancy try one of Jamie Oliver’s hero foods, the egg. If time is limited on you’re on the run or travelling you can always pick up a bag of trail mix or chia seeds.

Still not convinced, check out this handy infographic from with 15 easy food ideas listed in their healthy snacks list to sustain your energy levels. There’s something for everyone.

So deafen those calls from the chocolate bar, get your self some handy tupperware and stock up on some of these top foods recommended in the infographic below and say goodbye to instant sugar rush and hello productivity.

Here are 15 snacks to set you up for your working week:

If you're looking for something more substantial but equally healthy for an office lunch we have just the 10 healthy recipes to make you feel good this lunch time.

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