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22 Healthy Baking Suggestions - The Infographic

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22 Healthy Baking Suggestions - The Infographic

Cakes, creams, pastry...mmmm...fluffy fluffy pastry. The love of baking is something built within, aroused by the aroma of fresh delights rising in the oven. It seems we've all got at least one baked guilty pleasure in our life.

Which is why the team over at Greatist have spent some serious time and compiled this comprehensive list of baking alternatives - ingredients that can be used to retain great flavor but reduce on the amount of fat used when baking.

Some are simple tips such as using whole wheat flour instead of plain and others are a little more creative, like replacing sugar with apple juice and butter with prunes.

It's a great infographic and offers up some top tips. It also reminds us of this great avocado cake recipe which replaces butter with avocado.


Via Food Beast

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