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Harmonizing Water And Wine: Some Exceptions

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Harmonizing Water And Wine: Some Exceptions

In the past weeks we've learnt why to conduct a water tasting, the perfect water tasting technique and which are the best tools for a water tasting: today it's time to know something more about the perfect way to harmonize S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna waters and wines to reach the perfect combination.

The practice of harmonizing water with wine involves a wide set of variables. Last week we learnt ten rules of water and wine pairing, but as can be expected, any fixed set of rules is bound to encounter objection and confutation, and indeed the exceptions that follow offer situations, cases, and particular products in which the aforesaid “rules” of harmonization between water and wine may readily be subverted.

Classic sparkling wines and champagne with vintages
In these must be accompanied exclusively by Acqua Panna because they boast refined, elegant aromas and flavours, in addition to offering a perfectly harmonious taste spectrum.

Great red wines
Where these wines are drunk alone and not during the meal, they should be accompanied by Acqua Panna, so as to savour at greater length the effect on the palate, and therefore appreciate each successive sip.

Full-bodied white wines with a strong structure
That have been aged in the barrique and in the bottle to acquire those characteristic, persistent aromas and flavours, can only be properly harmonized with the intense sparkle of S.Pellegrino water.

White wine served for aperitif
These wines are the ideal with S.Pellegrino again, because its carbondioxide favours the secretion of gastric juices and sharpens the appetite; by uniting this type of wine with S.Pellegrino one achieves the purpose itself of the aperitif: the organism is prepared for the coming meal.


This text is taken from The S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Water Codex, a book written by international sommelier Giuseppe Vaccarini and Claudia Moriondo (Doctorate in Food Preparation Science). With this book S.Pellegrino   & Acqua Panna  studied and codified the guidelines, the best techniques and tools to conduct water tasting, with the aim to create a common language for everyone who whish to explore this topic.

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