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Sticky Sweet Halloween Caramel Apples: Two Easy Recipes

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Sticky Sweet Halloween Caramel Apples: Two Easy Recipes

Caramel apples are a top Halloween treat that few can resist. Although slathered in sweet sticky caramel they still offer a healthy base of fruit to get your teeth stuck into.

This Halloween caramel apple recipe from Wayfair shows you how to rustle up your own caramel apples at home and although it's a pretty simple dish to make the recipe goes into detail on how to make your own sticky sweet caramel with perfect precision.

You'll need a candy thermometer because the sugar mixture needs to be cooked until a certain temperature but the rest of the ingredients are easily bought at most stores. It's really a great way to provide some tasty sweets with a healthy base for your upcoming Halloween party.

Now, if you enjoy eating sweets in moderation or like bite-sized foods you could also try making these adorable mini Halloween caramel apples

Mini Caramel Apples

These cute Halloween caramel apples are pretty easy to make and can be decorated with twigs or lollipop sticks - it's your call. Here's the how-to video:

video via Sunset / YouTube

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