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8 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas For Foodies

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8 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas For Foodies

This Halloween unleash your inner foodie and pay homage to your favorite foods by wearing them.  Whether you want to go DIY and make your own, or search for a quick food fantasy fix, check out our Halloween food costume ideas below and you'll be inspired.

DIY food fantasists the possibilities are endless, just let your imagination run riot and take your cues from the kitchen. Pastry lovers how about going trick-or-treating dressed as croquembouche? Take notes from the couple pictured below and make your own tasty costume with an accompanying chef. Want to go as your favourite spaghetti and meatballs? Try tipping a messy heap of golden yarn over your head and balancing a saucepan upside down for the ultimate kitchen disaster.

Think about incorporating fruit or vegetables into your look. Go for strategically placed fruit,  and if you're going as a group why not each pick your favourite fruit or vegetable and go as a colour co-ordinated themed medley? Sushi more your thing? no problem, strap a coloured cushion onto your back and go as a group for a sushi platter.

If you are not a DIY type of person and that all sounds like too much hard work, no worries. Below you'll find more costumes you can purchase online. Whether you want to strut your stuff as a funky chicken, go as the ultimate foodie couple doubling up as bacon and eggs or peanut butter and jelly, or simply as a giant bunch of grapes ora pink muffin we have just the Halloween food costumes for you below.

When it comes to selecting perfect Halloween food costumes, let your imagination riot, have fun, get into character and be the talk of the party.

Happy Halloween foodies!

Homemade crocembouche and chef
via studiodiy

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Bacon and Eggs
via Fancy Dress Ball

Purple Grapes costume

Sweet Eats


Adult Chicken Costume

Chinese Takeout
via Prank Place

Deviled Egg 
via Prank Place

Getting ready for trick or treating? try cooking up some of these easy Halloween treats that'll be sure to save you from trickery.

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