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10 Halloween Desserts

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10 Halloween Desserts
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Halloween is a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and what better way than with spooky halloween desserts.

Don’t head for the supermarket but get creative at home, there’s a surprising number of ideas for adults as well as kids. Don't let the goblins get the best of you this Halloween! Win them over with some tasty Halloween desserts. 

These ten desserts are all about the treats and not about the trickery. Forget sweet kid based desserts, these are befitting of any adult Halloween party. Ever thought about glow in the dark gin and tonic? an adult inspired way to get your fix of spirits or what about a surprisingly adult panna cotta disguised as a bloody eyeball. We have just the halloween desserts to bring out the ghoul in you.

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Red Liquorice Sticks

These fun red liquorice sweets are the perfect candy to have on hand at any halloween party. Keep the tricks well at bay with these easy to hand out treats.

Red Velvet Cup Cakes

These cute cup cakes come with a vibrant red sponge that should be enough to impress most halloween revellers. Put your own personalised halloween decoration on top to take up the themed effect a gear.

Cotton Candy Coffee Desserts

Try adding cotton candy to your after dinner coffees for a spooky talking point.

Black Liquorice Ice Cream from Epicurious

Photo: courtesy of Epicurious

How more halloweenish could you get than with black ice cream. You could even get creative with unusual toppings to turn it into something even more unusual looking.

Chocolate cake with cherries and chocolate cream

If you have a big crowd over for a halloween party this is just the cake to finish off with, decadent chocolate and cherries try going for the ghoul factor by dressing up the cake with spooky sweets.

Creepy Jelly

Gummy worms and scary jelly bats will make this frightening jello a hit at your Halloween party.

Glow-in-the-dark Jelly

This glow-in-the-dark jelly is made with gin and tonic so it's the perfect Halloween dessert for grown ups.

Eyeball Panna Cotta

Utterly creepy, this dessert recipe is actually delicious even though it appears to be a bloody mess.

Pumpkin Cookies

Not everything needs to be scary at Halloween, does it? These pumpkin cookies will add a touch of sugar and spice to your gathering.

Banana Ghosts and Citrus jack-o-lanterns

These fruity Halloween desserts are super easy to make. All you need are frozen bananas, some chocolate and a handful of clementines.

If you really want to create a central party piece and talking point why not create a bloody halloween cake?


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