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9 Top Grilling Tips from Chefs

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9 Top Grilling Tips from Chefs
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First things first, there is a big difference between grilling and BBQ – read more about that here – but essentially, these grilling tips from top chefs, including Richard Blais and Edward Lee, as told to Thrillist, are for anyone who relishes the chance to cook al fresco come summertime. These grilling tips, some you’ll know, some you may not, will help you to cook the most flavoursome food outdoors; you’ll also find plenty more barbecue tips here and here.

9 Top Grilling Tips From Chefs

1. “Let the meat sit out to come to room temperature before cooking. Take it out of the fridge for about an hour or so; this allows the meat to cook evenly.”

2. “Apply oil directly to your protein instead of the grill or pan. This helps your seasoning stick, and it also helps the protein stay moist.”

3. “Buy ground beef with at least 80/20 ratio of lean to fat. You need a good amount of fat in a burger. If you're going to splurge on a burger, make it worth it!”

4. “Don't overcook the burger. I don't think there's anything better than a burger cooked medium. It has the best balance of texture, flavor, and juiciness to me.”

5. “Create a leaner burger by swapping out half the meat for mushrooms.”

6. "Save a few calories by substituting your hamburger bun for a fresh wrap using iceberg lettuce or large bok choy."

7. “Keep a small tub of clarified or drawn butter by your side. Baste it on everything that goes on the grill. And baste it often. Everything you make will taste sexy.”

8. "Clean your grills right after every use. Seems like a no-brainer, but many people forget. Then the grills get cold and it's hard to scrub off all the carbon. Have a good grill brush handy and clean off any buildup as soon as you take the food off the grill."

9. “Keep a cold six-pack of beer nearby. A thirsty chef is a bad one.”

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