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How to Make Grilled Eggs on the BBQ

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How to Make Grilled Eggs on the BBQ

BBQ enthusiasts, now you're tried smoked eggs (here's how), it's time to turn those farm fresh free range eggs into grilled eggs.

Take advantage of the glowing coals on your summer BBQ and instead of hard boiling your eggs for salads, simply put them straight on the grill and cook them in their shells, saving you time and adding that all important extra flavour. Here's how:

How to Make Grilled Eggs

1. Place raw eggs in their shell on the grate over a gentle fire.

2. Give them 3 to 4 minutes per side on the grate, turning carefully with tongs. They should be done in 6 to 14 minutes - depending on how you like your yolks.

3. Like hard-boiled eggs, grilled eggs will continue to cook once removed from the heat, so place them in an ice bath for a few minutes to stop the cooking and prevent a grey ring around the yolk.

How to Eat Grilled Eggs

Use your grilled eggs as you would usually use hard boiled, whether in salads or whole, but benefitting from the extra smoky tones.

Or, look for to the Vietnamese tradition, where grilled eggs are often served peeled, quartered, and wrapped in lettuce leaves with chiles, mint, and bean sprouts. here's the recipe.


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