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9 Essential Charts That'll Make you a Gourmet Tea Lover

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9 Essential Charts That'll Make you a Gourmet Tea Lover

If you permanently have a kettle on the go for incessant tea drinking in your household, whether you're a gourmet tea drinker or a simple white with one, you aren't alone.

After all, tea is the most popular drink around the world, after water, and holds resonance in many homes and in public life, whether for its health and thereputic qualities or its symbolism of tradition and hospitality.

If you want to learn more about what makes a beloved cuppa here are all the tea facts you need to know, whether you're a gourmet tea lover or like nothing more than to relax with a simple mug.

So take a break, put your feet up and relax with a brew, as you take a tour through history and tea types, to how to make the perfect cup, and don't forget the dunking biscuits!

1. How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

If you've ever made tea for someone you'll know that gourmet tea drinkers can be pretty particular about how it comes. Making the perfect cup has several factors at play, from how much tea to use in the pot, to what temperature the water should be. Fortunately, the infographic below goes some way to answering these million dollar questions.


2. What is High Tea?

British afternoon tea has seen a renaissance in recent years, serving as a great excuse to embrace the historical tradition of a relaxed afternoon spent poring over exquisitely served tea and cakes. Here's the lowdown on how to serve it:

3. The History of Tea

Tea fans will love the chance to pick up some tea trivia to impress colleagues or family over a cuppa; from who drinks the most, to who exports the most and why it's so good for you.

4. Chinese Tea Varieties

Chinese teas are a whole new fascinating world of tea to explore. From oxidised to non oxidised, this is the chart to make you a Chinese tea master.


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5. How long to brew the perfect cup of tea for?

How long you leave the teabag in hot water can be the deal breaker when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea. Have a look at this guiding chart and see if you've got it right.

6. Brewing Tips for 6 Types of Tea

How well do you know your teas? Did you know you should catch the water in the kettle just before it comes up to the boil or on its way down from a boil? Have a look and see if you're a brew master.


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7. The History of Tea

Tea has a rich history and is an instrumental part of people's livelihoods globally. Find out more about its global spread and how it came to be grown in 40 countries.


8. A Chinese Tea Ceremony

Watch the enchanting Chinese tea ceremony that Chinese tea master Mr Wang performs in his shop, to understand more about this drink steeped in tradition and ritual.

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9. 10 Teas from Around the World

Tea is a drink that's embraced by different cultures around the globe, but what is tea for one culture looks very different to another. Take a look and see how many you've tried.

Teas Around the World

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