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5 Gourmet Sauces That Make Everything Taste Better

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5 Gourmet Sauces That Make Everything Taste Better

Gourmet sauces have a special place in cuisine. Some are meant to be used as dipping sauces ensuring that crisp spring roll tastes just right. Others are paired with pasta, smeared on sandwiches or used as a base for soups, stews and other savory concoctions. Any cook worth their salt should have an arsenal of sauces they can use to elevate simple dishes to sublime plates of food. Here are some of our favorite gourmet sauces that would make a great addition to your repertoire:


Fresh basil, pine nuts and garlic are the base of this pesto gourmet sauce from Italy. What's great is that you can make it with practically any dark leafy green - from spinach and arugula to coriander and mint


Considered one of the mother sauces of classic French cuisine, bechamel's thick and creamy consistency is perfect for baked pasta dishes and much more. Learn how to make this gourmet sauce.


Here's a delicious sweet and spicy dipping sauce made with scallions, chilies, garlic and soy sauce. It's heavenly with spring rolls and lasts up to a week in the refrigerator.


This umami-rich Italian anchovy sauce, whose name loosely translates to ''hot bath,'' is a staple of the Piedmont region. It is ideal for dipping fresh vegetables such as celery, carrots and radishes.


Looking for an gourmet chocolate sauce? Try this quick and easy dark chocolate sauce made with just three ingredients. It's great for dipping fruit, bread or poundcake.

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