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Sake Gourmet Pairings at Chef Nobu's Umami Dinner

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Sake Gourmet Pairings at Chef Nobu's Umami Dinner

Served at Matsuhisa restaurant in Athens, this special “Umami and sake” menu was prepared by chef Nobu: a perfect example of how food, sake and mineral water can create an utterly harmonious mix.

Appetizers (Dover sole kombujime; Dasci jelly with scallop; Sardine jalapeno with soy salt) and sake Nobu Junmai Daiginjo
Medium intensity of taste with spicy sensations and acidity, as it should be for an entry dish. Junmai Daiginjo is soft, full and round with an excellent persistence and with spicy notes in the finale which recall the dish. The pairing with Acqua Panna still mineral water completes the tasting experience and make the perceptions on palate last longer.

Baby spinach salad with lobster and dry miso and sake Nobu Daiginjo TK 40
Very tasty match. The sweet sensation of the lobster and the juicy flavour of parmesan cheese get along extremely well with the structured sake, with a long lasting taste (the famous Umami one) and a light spicy note. S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water enhances the richness of this excellent sake.

Chilean sea boss tomato den-miso jalapeno and sake Onikoroshi
Quite delicate at the first sips this sake seems to be light but then it evolves and shows its structure keeping the elegance on the palate. These 2 characteristics make it an appropriate match with the bass delicate perception. Acqua Panna still mineral water gives balance and helps creating a sensation of harmony of tastes.

Grilled Wagyu Beef, Dry shiitake infused in teriyaki sauce and sake YK 35
Rich and structured dish, which long persistent flavour combines to this outstanding sake, produced only using 35% of a rice grain. Balsamic, slightly smoked and fruity at the nose, on the palate the YK 35 sake is very rich, clearly underlining the Umami taste and with a intense finale with melon and cucumber notes. S.Pellegrino natural mineral water creates a complete balance enhancing the tasty sensation of both dish and sake.

Sushi selection and sake Junmai
Very delicate and elegant sushi. Sake Junmai has good intense olfactory notes reminding melon and citron. Very delicate, soft and pleasing on the palate. The perfect matching is given by S.Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water which completes the balance on the palate.

Mushroom clear soup

Soya milk flan and honey toffee and sake Rock by Nobu
Very rich desert that needs to be combined with an equal intensity beverage. This unusual sake at 28% alcohol degree was created by Fumio Hazu for Nobu to be combined with this kind of dishes where traditional sake would not be able to play the same role. Acqua Panna still natural mineral water combines very well the 2 elements, notwithstanding the structure of both dishes and sake is quite strong.

Liquorice ice-cream


Photo courtesy Matsuhisa Restaurant

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