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7 Gourmet Recipes You Can Make With Leftovers

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7 Gourmet Recipes You Can Make With Leftovers

My grandmother grew up in the Great Depression where nothing went to waste. Leftover chicken? She's got a use for that. Leftover sweet potatoes? There's a casserole in their future. Leftover cornbread? You bet they'll be turned into something delicious.

Unfortunately, this philosophy of making the most of food and reducing waste has been lost in our generation. Europe and the United States are notorious for producing massive amounts of food waste.

Luckily, some measures are being put into place. France has just passed a ban on supermarket food waste and some markets around the world are now selling 'ugly' fruit that would otherwise get tossed.

There's a lot we can do at home to reduce food waste in our kitchen. We've already discussed five great habits you can employ to be more nifty at home.

To add onto that we'd like to share these seven gourmet recipes you can make with leftovers - the recipes come from renown chefs and food writers such as Jamie Oliver, Jim Parsons and Nigella Lawson. Take a look:


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