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Gourmet Oyster Recipes + Tips on How To Shuck Oysters

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Gourmet Oyster Recipes + Tips on How To Shuck Oysters
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Purists insists there's only one way to eat an oyster: raw and with a splash of fresh lemon juice. We tend to agree but it's always nice to give oysters a chance to shine in other ways. Take these gourmet oyster recipes, for instance. Each of them highlights the versatility of this delicate fruit of the sea which is considered a top aphrodisiac. Whether you like oysters grilled, fried or baked, here are some fabulous gourmet recipes to consider:

Grilled Oysters with Ättika

Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson shares his recipe for grilled oysters flavored with a splash of Ättika, a type of white vinegar popular in Sweden. It's a great summer recipe to try at your next cookout.

Oysters with Brioche Crust and Marinated Tapioca

This gourmet oyster recipe from acclaimed chef Alex Atala highlights the flavors of Brazil. Oysters are coated in brioche crumbs and fried until golden then served with tapioca marinated in lime, olive oil and soy sauce.

'Pizzaiola' Oysters

Renown Italian chef Gennaro Esposito brings the flavors of pizza to baked oysters. His 'pizzaiola' oysters are dressed with tomato sauce, green bean pesto and croutons - a tasty combination sure to please your palate.

Oyster Sphere

Fans of molecular gastronomy will enjoy making this creative oyster recipe from Italian chef Daniel Facen. Be sure to have some liquid nitrogen on hand for this one!

Need help shucking oysters? Take a look at this video from Great British Chefs. It's full of great advice to help you learn how to open oysters like a pro:

WATCH: How To Shuck an Oyster

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