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Enjoy A Gourmet Dinner With Beef Tenderloin 'Plunged' In Merlot

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Enjoy A Gourmet Dinner With Beef Tenderloin 'Plunged' In Merlot

Does anything pair better with beef than red wine? Bring luxury to your table with this original recipe for beef tenderloin 'plunged' in merlot with shallots and tail of veal. It's succulent, juicy and just the right dish to impress your guests.

Making this gourmet beef tenderloin recipe is a two-part process. You begin with the veal tails, which you salt and simmer in wine until tender. Then you separate the veal meat from the bones and add it back to the sauce you cooked it in.

In a separate pot altogether, make a sauce with merlot, beef stock and herbs.  This is the sauce you will 'plunge' your beef tenderloin in. Once everything is cooked, plate your veal sauce and serve your merlot-soaked beef tenderloin on top. Serve with roasted carrots, shallots and any other vegetables of your liking. Pairing with a glass of Merlot is a must! Watch this video for more wine-pairing tips.



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