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Ramsay’s American Breakfast Goes Viral

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Ramsay’s American Breakfast Goes Viral
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Gordon Ramsay has a ton of recipe videos online, but his latest seems to have really captured the imagination of food lovers, racking up close to two million views in four days.

The old clip, which has been reposted on Ramsay’s YouTube channel, shows the British chef’s take on a classic American breakfast: eggs baked into a pan-sized hash brown, topped with sweet glazed bacon.

His four and a half million subscribers can’t get enough of it and we have to admit, we wouldn’t mind diving into this deliciously simple dish too.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of Ramsay’s recipe over on our Facebook page.

Ramsay says American breakfasts are the best in the world – take a look at this guide to 15 breakfasts from around the world and see if you agree.

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