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Watch Goose Barnacles Being Harvested

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Watch Goose Barnacles Being Harvested

Goose barnacales are a delicous delicacy, a great big whack of the sea in the mouth that will transport you to a rugged wave-licked coast in an instant. In the hands of the right chef, these rock clinging molluscs are transformed into something extraordinary.

If you've ever wondered why they're so expensive, then the video below from Great Big Story should help to explain. It follows four sisters who are percebeiras, or goose barnacle ('percebes' in Spanish) hunters on the Galician coast in Northern Spain – where the most prized goose barnacles are found. The barnacles grow in areas that endure a constant battering from the Atlantic waves, which makes it a very dangerous job. Percebeiras can easily be dragged out to sea or smashed on the rocks.

But the four sisters are passionate about what they do and the product, and see the risks as part of the job. So next time you're tucking into a delicous goose barnacle, picture them out on the rocks hacking away – you'll appreciate this delicious delicacy even more.

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