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The Ultimate Guide To Going Vegan

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The Ultimate Guide To Going Vegan

Making the decision of going vegan isn't something one takes lightly. There are many questions that come up. How will you get enough protein? Where will you get enough calcium? How will you consume enough iron? Are there any animal-free sources of omega-3s? 

One needs answers to all of these questions before taking the leap. Luckily, this infographic from PETA comes to the rescue answering your most pressing concerns. You'll find plenty of tips on how to maintain adequate nutrition while consuming plenty of vitamins and cholesterol-free foods.

One of the things that caught our eye were the calcium sources. Instead of milk or dairy products, vegan can feast on dark leafy greens, soy beans, almonds and tahini - all of which will help build strong bones. As for iron, you'll find it in a surprisingly sweet ingredient: black strap molasses.

Get more helpful information in this ultimate guide to going vegan (click on the image to enlarge):


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