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3 Tips and a Tasty Recipe for the Perfect Gluten Free Focaccia

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3 Tips and a Tasty Recipe for the Perfect Gluten Free Focaccia

Focaccia or flat bread is one of the most popular leavened products the world over: perfect for accompanying main courses or salads and ideal on its own as a quick snack. Whether served as it is or filled with other ingredients, it offers a valid alternative to bread. But is it possible to make gluten-free focaccia as soft and tasty as that of the traditional recipe?

Here are 3 cooking tips for preparing a truly irresistible gluten-free focaccia, while click here to read the full gluten-free focaccia recipe.

- While the dough is rising, remember to sprinkle it with water: it is essential to keep the focaccia soft. The same operation will also be required when you spread the dough out in the baking tray and proceed with the second leavening phase.

- If possible, use a mixer set at a fairly high speed to blend the ingredients and ensure that the oil is absorbed perfectly.

- Make an emulsion by blending extra virgin olive oil and cold water and brush it all over the surface before the focaccia goes into the oven. This will give it a beautiful golden colour on the surface.

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