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5 Gluten-Free Christmas Dishes For Your Holiday Table

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5 Gluten-Free Christmas Dishes For Your Holiday Table

These gluten-free Christmas dishes will be the highlight of your annual holiday gathering. They are flavorful, decadent and festive - just the thing to feed your family on such a special occasion.

Our round up of gluten-free Christmas dishes included German stollen bread which is filled with goodies like cheese, ham and and pumpkin. 

A colorful Christmas punch will delight your guests as they wait for your succulent roast ham to come out of the oven. A side of potato-and-herb soufflés and a traditional Christmas salad complete this gourmet holiday dinner.

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German Christmas Cake

Gluten-free bread flour, yeast and butter are the base of this delectable German stollen, a festive bread filled with bacon, pumpkin, sausage, hazelnuts and Gruyère cheese.

Find this gluten-free Christmas recipe here.

Christmas Punch with Rum

This Christmas punch is naturally gluten free and delicious. It is prepared with a blend of orange juice, red wine, cranberries and warming spices like cinnamon and cloves.

Get this gluten-free Christmas recipe here.

Glazed Roast Ham

English mustard, cloves and sugar are the only ingredients you need to prepare this succulent roast ham -a wonderful gluten-free dish to add to your Christmas dinner repertoire.

Click here for this gluten-free Christmas recipe.

Gluten-Free Potato Soufflés

If you are a fan of scalloped potatoes you'll love these elegant soufflés that layer potatoes, herbs and cheese.

Find this gluten-free Christmas recipe here.

Traditional Christmas Salad

This traditional Italian salad is a gluten-free Christmas dish you won't want to do without at your annual holiday gathering.

Learn how to make this delicious salad.

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