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A Gluten Free Flourless Carrot Cake by ChefSteps

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A Gluten Free Flourless Carrot Cake by ChefSteps

Baking is one of the hardest things to do if you’re trying to make something gluten free - most baking recipes require flour which means gluten cake recipes that actually taste good can be difficult to find. Though there’s a number of substitutes out there, finding gluten free cakes that work well and give a tasty finish can be a little tricky.

Step in the masters at with their video for making gluten free carrot cake, even better, an entirely flourless carrot cake. It’s not a recipe for the faint hearted but we’re sure some of you will have the skills and equipment to give it a go.

It begins by making a set of wonderfully creamy carrot sauces before making a base of cream cheese before they’re cooked Sous Vide and layered on top of each other in a mould. The finished flourless carrot cake is topped with sweet baby carrots that have been cooked in syrup.

The finished cake looks great with different layers of colour and it’s entirely gluten free - the team have also created a simple guide for how to plate the cake in a truly proffesional way. 

Here’s the video recipe and here’s more great ChefSteps content shared on Fine Dining Lovers.

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