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4 Tips to prepare the perfect homemade gluten-free béchamel

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4 Tips to prepare the perfect homemade gluten-free béchamel

Bechamel is the matchless queen of sauces, as well as being an indispensable ingredient in many traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, from lasagna to cannelloni, not to mention certain daring and extremely successful pairings with sweet ingredients. Here are 4 simple cooking hints to enable you to prepare a gluten-free bechamel sauce whose similarity to the classical version will confuse even the most expert palates.

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- Avoid using the types of flour generally used for making gluten-free bread since the thickeners they contain would make your sauce too sticky.

- It is extremely important to cook the sauce on a gentle heat. An excessively high temperature would burn the sauce and completely alter its taste.

- Add milk a little at a time. This operation is slightly tiresome but it will guarantee a lump-free sauce.

- It is essential to keep your béchamel sauce rather liquid. It can be thickened, if necessary by adding a small amount of potato flour.

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    That cannot be serious, and, in a specialized food site. Instant mashed potatoes is not bechamel and never will be, is not even a sauce!!

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