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Amazing Glass Ketchup Bottle Hack

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Amazing Glass Ketchup Bottle Hack
Photo Kurtis Garbutt/Flickr

It’s amazing how the simplest of tasks can turn into a never–ending saga of frustration. Take abstracting tomato ketchup from a glass ketchup bottle for example: you’ve stored it upside down and vigorously slapped the bottom of the bottle with your palm, but still the thick, sweet tomato ketchup will not leave its resting place. Now you’re wiggling a knife in the glass ketchup bottle and the ketchup has gone everywhere.

Tap the Neck

Well here’s a simple hack that not many people know about that should put an end to this misery. If you simply tap the bottle on the neck, just where it begins to narrow, the ketchup should slip out easily. The image below shows you where, just on the raised numbers a well–known brand of tomato ketchup has helpfully added to mark the spot.


Of course, you could just purchase a squeezable plastic tomato ketchup bottle, but that would be cheating wouldn’t it? Plus, then you have the added frustration of all the ketchup left behind in the plastic bottle.

Life is hard.

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