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Watch 30 Minutes of Bacon Cooking

By FDL on

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Watch 30 Minutes of Bacon Cooking

If you like nothing more than the sound of bacon sizzling in the morning then you'll love this present from the bacon makers, Applegate.

At over 30 minutes long the video is a lot of bacon sizzling away in a pan that's placed on a lovely Christmas fireplace. Yes that's over half-an-hour of bacon sizzling on screen.

It's not the first time food cooking has been given so much airtime, in Canada the Swiss Chalet chicken company created a dedicated digital television channel to rotisserie chicken spinning - 24 hours a day.

The bacon video is a long line of bacon escapades from 2012 - we're not sure we're the increased obsession with bacon is coming from but we guess it might have something to do with the upcoming Mayan Aporkalypse.


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