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16 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Regrow At Home

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16 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Regrow At Home

You know that stub of celery you usually throw out? Or those scallion ends that go into the compost bin? Well, you could be saving a lot of money by using those same food scraps to grow food. This visual guide from Whole Foods illustrates how its done.

The infographic showcases 16 fruits and vegetables you can naturally regrow at home. It can all be done with leftover produce, water and soil. By using the techniques outlined in the infographic you won't only skip a trip to the grocery store but also save money on produce, especially if you buy organic.

The process of regrowing fruits and vegetables is incredibly easy and makes a fun science project for the kiddos. Find out which foods you can regrow at home and start saving some cash (click on the image to enlarge):


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