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Five Common Foods: How they Looked Then and Now

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Five Common Foods: How they Looked Then and Now
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Just like the human race, fruit and vegetables have evolved over thousands of years, from primitive varieties, once found in the wild, to the current domesticated 21st Century fruit and vegetables we have come to know and love as modern consumers.

Business insider have put some interesting facts and visuals to five popular foods before and after human domestication reminding us that carrots, watermelon, eggplant, bananas and corn weren't always so bountiful, colourful or attractive.

Chances are that with man's intervention most commercially found fruit and vegetables we come across in the supermarket today are so evolved they are virtually unrecognisable from their ancestral origins.

Take the 10th Century carrots for example, with their stalky unappealing 'woody' roots compared to their vibrant crunchy, sweet orange status today, or the woody sweetcorn of 7,000 BC is a far less appealing ancestor of the sweet and tender corn we know today.

Have a look at how some other familiar favourites once looked:

via Business Insider

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