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Tasty Fruit and Seafood Recipes To Try At Home

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Tasty Fruit and Seafood Recipes To Try At Home


With many of us only getting as far as squeezing some fresh lemon juice on our fried calamari or a freshly grilled fillet, the prospect of a fish-and-fruit combination recipe can seem a bit daunting (or downright wrong in some peoples books). Yet all we have to do is take a look to Asia and the pairing of crab and mango in Thailand or prawns and mango in Kerala in southern India to be convinced that there are exquisite fruit and seafood pairings to be found.

The saltiness of seafood combined with the sweetness of fresh, sweet or citrussy fruits can prove particularly effective and refreshing, especially in the summer months.

Here are 5 recipes ranging from the gourmet, to test the most experienced of chefs, to the sublimly simple, for throw it all together at the last minute chefs. Have a go to, there is delicious potential in the pairing of  seafood and fruit, once tried there’s no turning back.

1. Mackerel, peach, almond, beurre noisette

A gourmet recipe from chef Shaun Anthony, this will test even the more experienced chef amongst us, yet the rewards are well worth the preparation and precision.

2. Lobster cooked in mono-cultivar canino olive oil, with orange and fennel confit

Giancarlo Morrelli devised the recipe for this beautifully delicate looking dish, and the good news is it's surprisingly easy to make too.

3. Grilled tuna skewers with orange and ginger on couscous

Simple, healthy and wholesome these Middle Eastern inspired tuna skewers are a perfect match with a zesty orange and ginger couscous.

4. Tuna Mosciame curd "vegfruit" extract and savoury meringue

An exclusive recipe from Davide Oldani, this is expert cooking. If you dare the results will dazzle your guests.

5. Watermelon shrimp salad with mozarellla

Saving the simplest until last, this recipe is all about the quality of the ingredients. Sweet crunchy watermelon balanced by the saltiness of seasoned flash fried fresh prawns and creamy mozarella... a summer evening treat.

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