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How to Make Sure You Buy Fresh Vegetables

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How to Make Sure You Buy Fresh Vegetables

We’ve already talked a lot about how to buy good quality meat when you’re in the butchers but what about when you’re looking to buy fresh vegetables? How can you make sure you choose the best veg on the shelf?

This food infographic from LifeHacker looks at the problem of knowing when fresh vegetables are most ripe and exactly what to be looking for when choosing carrots, artichokes, corn and celery.

There are 33 different vegetables listed on the infographic with tips on what you want to see when buying them and what you really don’t want to be seeing.

Buying tasty fresh vegetables is a lot about knowing their season and the right time to buy them and this resource also provides information on when exactly you should be looking to buy certain vegetables. For example, when buying small mushrooms you want to make sure the caps are closed around the stem, wide open caps are not good.

If you want to make sure you buy the freshest vegetables this is a great starting point to understand more.

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