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4 End of Summer Peach Ideas

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4 End of Summer Peach Ideas
Photo Kate Ter Haar / Flickr

Peaches are one of summer’s beloved fruits. Throughout time they have inspired songwriters, authors and artists, and there is no surprise why. As George du Maurier said (1834-1896), "An apple is an excellent thing…..until you have tried a peach." And we’d tend to agree with him. Once you’ve tried an exceptional summer peach there really is no looking back. It’s a lifelong journey looking for your next fuzzy cloaked sweet friend to be crowned most delicious peach yet, or perfect the ultimate fresh peach recipes.

Their fleeting seasonality keeps us on tenterhooks for their long awaited summer arrival. And once they’ve arrived we can’t get enough of them. Even more so as we know they’re not around forever. ‘Move into the country gonna eat a lot of peaches’ really does take on a certain resonance.

But what’s to be done when they start disappearing at the end of the season? Rather than mourn their disappearance, let’s make the most of them, celebrate them with some forgiving recipes, and yes, why not lets preserve them for the wintry months to come.

Finish summer on a sweet note with one of these fresh peach recipes. Peach crumble and peach smoothie for using peaches a little passed their sell by date, and preserving, canning and alcohol soaking to keep summer friends on if you can’t bear to say farewell. These are a sure fire ways of seeing your favourite peachy friends cheer you up a wintry day. 

Peach Crumble

This oven baked cinnamon infused crumble couldn't be any simpler. With a minimum of fuss it's a firm family favourite and an ideal way to use up a glut of peaches at the end of the season.

Brandy and Maple syrup infused peaches

If molecular gastronomy is your thing, this one's for you. The infusion process can take from a day to 3 months so it's a great way to get your favourite fruit back in your life well after you've seen the last peaches disappear from the market.

Peach and papaya smoothie

If your peaches aren't looking at their best you can always try blending them up with papaya, honey, banana and lime in this refreshing summer drink.

Preserving Peaches

Enjoy peaches reminiscent of a summer's day all year round when you know how to freeze and can them. Have a look at the easy techniques to make sure you can still use your favourite fruit in the coming winter months.

Do you know everything there is to know about peaches? take a look at our A-Z guide of peaches.

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