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Recipes: 5 Ways To Use Fresh Oranges

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Recipes: 5 Ways To Use Fresh Oranges
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Have you noticed the stack of clementines at the grocery store? That means orange season is finally upon us. Aside from enjoying them fresh or making juice, oranges are a great ingredient for cooking. Here are five must-try orange recipes that will perk up your repertoir:

Orange Marmalade

All you need are five ingredients to make this easy orange recipe that will liven up your toast.

Fennel and Orange Salad

Much like tomato and basil, fennel and orange were born to go together. Try it and see!

Orange Chicken on Glass Noodles

Fresh oranges brighten up this tasty Chinese stir fry seasonsed with sesame oil, honey and cayenne.

Jasmine and Orange Cupcakes

The delicate aroma of jasmine tea is complimented by the flavor of oranges in this irrestible recipe.

Blood Orange and Prosecco Jelly

If you happen to have fresh blood oranges on hand use them to make this bubbly unexpected treat.

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