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Guide to the French Wine Regions

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Guide to the French Wine Regions
Photo Wine Folly

We love Wine Folly’s maps of the world’s wine regions. Here’s a great guide to the French wine regions to complement the guides to Italy and Spain we’ve previously featured.

You’ll know many of the famous French wine regions. France produces more wine by volume than any other country on earth, with over two million hectares of vineyards producing close to 3000 different wines. But did you know a team from China recently beat the French at a prestigious wine tasting event? China is now second to Spain in terms of the amount of land given over to wine production. France is third.

The map is beautifully coloured, from the crisp rosé of Provence, through Burgundy to the dry and herbaceous whites of the Loire, and across to Alsace close to the German border, where pinot gris and riesling reign.

If you’re looking for a great Xmas gift for a wine loving friend or relative then be aware you can buy all of Wine Folly’s maps in physical form – they even have maps for specific wine regions within countries, for example Bordeaux or Piedmont in Italy.

We’ll leave you with this fact, courtesy of Wine Folly: if you drank a new wine each night, it would take you eight years to drink your way through France.


French Wine Regions Map

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