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French toast batter: how to make French Toast batter

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French toast batter: how to make French Toast batter
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Who doesn't have a family recipe for French toast batter? This beloved breakfast treat is a classic across Europe and North America. As with every recipe, debates exist as to the best way to prepare it.  From which bread to use -some swear by egg-rich brioche, others by croissants, leftover baguette or humble sliced white bread - to the ingredients in the batter.

After choosing bread, the most important decision you must make is what batter to use for your French toast. The batter should be rich, aromatic and slightly sweet. This French toast recipe calls for adding a bit of apple juice to your egg batter. Personally, I prefer a touch of freshly squeezed orange juice. There is also some debate about whether to use granualted sugar or powdered sugar in your batter. Adding too much granulated sugar will result in some of it sinking to the bottom. But adding powdered sugar turns the batter lumpy. To combat this, dissolve the powdered sugar in a bit of liquid first (which makes it smooth) then add to your batter.

Whichever trick you have up your sleeve for French toast batter, the result should be a golden soft toast that goes well with fresh berries and maple syrup. After you master French toast, perhaps you can try your hand at making Bohemian pancakes with sour cream or waffles.


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