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French Desserts: 10 Favourite Classics

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French Desserts: 10 Favourite Classics

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are that French desserts will be your favourite "dessert du jour."

Traditional French desserts cover a myriad of styles, from flakey pastries to decadent chocolate based desserts, making them a tried and tested historical favourite on menus around the world.

It's impossible not to fall in love with at least one french dessert, whether it's the classic crepe suzette that ignites your passion or the mountainous stacked profiteroles of a croquembouche that makes you go weak at the knees.

Whatever your favourite, learn how to make the classic French desserts in the recipes below:


French Dessert Recipes

French Apple Tart

This Normany inspired apple pie is always a crowd pleaser. Find the recipe for the fantastic french apple tart here.


French Chocolate Mousse

If you love traditional French chocolate desserts try this family favourite for chocolate mousse whipped up in this video clip by chef Ludo Lefebvre.


Creme Caramel

Creme caramel is a always an elegant and popular dessert choice. Quivering set custard bathed in dark sweet caramel is enough to make most dessert fans cry "oh la la!" Check out the recipe in the video above.



These childhood favourites are surprisingly easy to make at home. Give it a go with this video recipe above and you might just surprise yourself.


Crepe Suzette

The queen of crepes! Think light crepes in a sauce of caramelized sugar and butter, orange juice, zest, and topped off with Grand Marnier set alight for an impressive tableside final flambe!



If you really want to impress try building a spectacular profiterole mountain! The traditional French dessert is made by piling chocolate cream-filled profiteroles into a pyramid bound together with caramel.


French pastries take deliciousness to a whole new level. Take the old school mille-feuille or one thousand sheets, layers, or leaves of airy, crispy, flakiness sandwiched together with lashings of cream. Find the recipe above.


Mont Blanc Recipe

This classic "white mountain" dessert features chestnut purée piled on top of meringue rounds that are topped with whipped cream for a classic dessert. Try Angelina's Mont Blanc recipe for a taste of history.


Creme Brulee

Without doubt one of the most exquisite French desserts. Who can resist the cracking caramel crust and thick creamy vanilla custard below? Try Julia Child's failsafe Creme Brulee Recipe here.


Tarte Tatin

This ubiquitous French dessert is about as easy as they get. A cinch to make and both generous and tasty on the table. Find the tarte tatin recipe here.

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