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70+ Ingredients and How Long to Freeze Them For

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70+ Ingredients and How Long to Freeze Them For

As true Fine Dining Lovers we try to avoid frozen foods whenever possible but in a realistic world it’s quite a hard to do, especially if you want to make sure you reduce the food waste in your kitchen.

This useful food infographic from Freezer Labels explains just how long different foods can last with a break down of freezer storage times and some reasons as to why using a freezer is sometimes the best option

Breads and desserts, meat, seafood, dairy & eggs, fruits & vegetables, soups, broths & stews and beverages are all included on the infographic which features over 70 different ingredients.

It offers up very basic freezer storage information but it’s exactly what you need if you’re trying to understand the best freezer times for different ingredients. For example, you’ll get around 3-4 months freezer time for a chicken and up to 9 months for veal or lamb.

Take a look and here's a list of 10 Foods You Didn't Think You Could Store in the Freezer. 

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