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The Art of Making Frangipane Tarts: 5 Great Video Recipes

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The Art of Making Frangipane Tarts: 5 Great Video Recipes
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Frangipane tarts are one of those elegant desserts that seem too complicated to make at home but are incredibly easy to master. Fine Dining Lovers offers you video tutorials that will help you make this fine dessert and inspire you to create your own variations.

What is frangipane?

Frangipane is an almond pastry cream of Italian origins. It is used to fill tarts, cakes and other baked goods. Examples of desserts that incorporate frangipane include Bakewell tart, pithivier pies and the French galette de rois.

Frangipane Ingredients

Frangipane is made of finely ground almonds, butter, sugar and eggs all blended together and baked.


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5 Frangipane Tart Recipes

Apricot Frangipane Tart

A buttery flaky crust is the base of this frangipane tart topped with fresh apricots. Find the written recipe here.

Gordon Ramsay's Fig and Frangipane Tart

You'll love this quick and easy recipe for an elegant fig and frangipane tart from the one and only Gordon Ramsay.

Gooseberry Frangipane Tart

Here is a creative spin on traditional frangipane: a tart featuring pistachios, gooseberries, dates and turmeric.

Strawberry Frangipane Tart

This delectable frangipane tart is laced with strawberry jam and topped with fresh strawberries.

Fresh Fruit Frangipane

You could use an assortment of stone fruit to make this spectacular frangipane tart depending on what is in season.

Hungry for more?

Learn how to make these gluten-free fig tarts. Try the recipe.

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